An application to track diets and their constituent macros.

.NET Framework (Visual Basic), Visual Studio

Demonstration Video

Why did I build this?

During the first year of my undergraduate program, a friend’s mother who also happens to be a doctor and a certified nutritionist was in need of a desktop application that would allow her to record, suggest and manage diet plans for her clients. The final version of the application which I built could list around 35,000 food items from a text file, display their nutritional information(macros and their split) and allowed the selected number of servings of an item to be added to a diet plan. It could record the current diet plan and create a suggested plan alongside, allowing the two plans to be compared in terms of difference in nutritional components. Additionally it could take the client’s vital statistics as input and calculate their Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and their Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) thereby allowing a reasonable prediction to be made about when they’d reach their goal weight. I learnt a great deal about using list-views, auto-completion enabled dropdowns and other information containers in the .NET framework, packaging applications into installers and the limitations of using flat files for information retrieval.