An attendance
management portal



This project was built to ease out the problem of maintaining physical attendance records for students of an institution and the various classes that they attend.

The project aims to reduce the manual entries that teachers/professors have to make to mark students who are present.It also aids further in the following ways:

1)getmarked consists of separate sections and logins for students,teachers and administrators.

2)It allows an administrator to create a class and perform the following actions:
2.1 Assign a name
2.2 Select subjects that students of a class will be taking
2.3 Assign teachers from the list of those registered to the above subjects
2.4 Search for a teacher in the list
2.5 Register a teacher for the department to which the administrator belongs
2.6 Generate unique accounts for every student in the class after feeding in their details in a button click and then generatng a printable sheet which can be used for distribution of account information to students.

3)It allows an teachers to perform the following actions:
3.1 Mark attendance for a particular class on a particular day
3.2 View students present for a particular lecture
3.3 View students absent for a particular lecture
3.4 View whether a student was present for a particular lecture
3.5 Perform the above operations cumulatively for all lectures on a particular date.
3.6 Generate the defaulters list by setting a custom threshold percentage of attendance with further classes of non-critical and critical defaulters.

4)Apart from the above features the website has additional usefulness like intuitive user interface,profile pictures and scalability.

All the HTML files(including all CSS effects) and PHP scripts were scripted by hand and readymade templates were not used to design the user interface.

Some Screenshots

The login screen

Add Class page

After entering class name and academic year,teachers are to be assigned to subjects

Proceed to next step after assigning all teachers.

Feed in details of all the students of the class.

Class is successfully created.

Printable login information for distribution to students.

Administrator can also search for a teacher to be assigned.

Add teacher page

Teacher's homepage

Querying information about student attendance based on day-wise basis.

Checking for presence of a particular student.

Marking the attendance of the class,teacher unchecks checkboxes for students who are absent.Also a teacher can mark attendance for upto 3 lectures together.

Generating the defaulters lists.