and endless tinkering.

Learning to fly a hexa-rotor drone

The hexa-rotor drone with a 5200mah battery, a KK Multi-coptor flight board with ardupilot and 2.4Ghz radio telemetry.

Holding the smartphone which runs DroidPlanner onto the transmitter

2.4Ghz telemetry TX-module which relays the mission plan including GPS way-points to the drone.

Using Droid Planner to excute an autonomous drone mission

Third person view of the drone flight

The drone camera's footage of the flight(First Person View)


My love for aeromodelling started when I was in the eleventh grade and one of our Physics professors chose me as one of the team members of the team that represented my college for an aeromodelling contest on Aviation Day at Nehru Science Center,Worli,Mumbai.

This passion grew even stronger when our collected efforts blossomed into the first postion at the contest and after that there has been no end to this divine hobby until recently when I started out with robotics.

Although I may be good at constructing model aircraft but I am not as good a pilot and haven't managed anything more than a 8 second long flight that ended in a crash.

Some of my scale model builds include:

1)F-22 Raptor
2)Extra 300S

Below are some photos of the Extra 300S(December 2013)

The parts

Flight Video