A timeline

Positions of responsibilty held by me and my achievements.

JP Morgan Chase & Co.Technology Analyst
July '16 - Present

• Developed a behavior driven development (BDD) testing framework called JBehave, which allows business analysts to write test cases in a high level English-like language called Gherkin. It enables greater developer productivity, ensures the business analyst remains well informed of the development status and helps generate test reports and logs.

• Working on enterprise-level inter-application messaging using Java Messaging Service (JMS) based message brokers.

• Working on a web based dashboard to manage and monitor (including real time plotting) Java Management eXtensions(JMX) attributes and operations of MBeans deployed across regions and hosts using JMX.

Winner, Final Project, Technology Analayst Program 2016
August '16

• As a part of their Global Analyst Development Program (GADP), I underwent six weeks of well-rounded training with 189 analysts participating from all over the country. In the concluding two weeks of the program, we were split into eight teams for the final project and were tasked with building a behavioral driven testing framework.

• I developed the most critical parts of the application such as the test case parser and operations to append to, modify and audit changes to test cases in the SVN repository. Our team was adjudged the winning team owing to our novel approaches in parsing and optimizing file fetching.

Ranked 1 in Information Technology, final year of engineeringVivekanand Education Society's Institute of Technology
August '16

I was ranked first amongst 77 other students in my department and stood third in Mumbai university.

Dec ‘15-June ‘16

• Architected the web application including the database and system architecture. Drafted and proposed several integral features for an educational services startup.

• Recorded more than 128 video lectures for “Database Management Systems” which being offered as an online course on in5minutes.in

Interviewed for Google
June '15

• I applied for a Software Engineering Internship at Google. I was shortlisted for two forty-five minute phone screen interviews.Although I did not make it through to the next stage of the interview, I understood that for engineers at companies like Google, being able to chalk down an elegant solution to a problem and converting it to working code in a reasonable amount of time is vital to both the quality and the pace with which their products evolve.

Technical Assistance Committee (TAC) for Praxis ’15 Core Member
May '15-August '15

• Appointed core team member of Praxis (V.E.S.I.T’s annual technical festival and was responsible for leading a team of 21 juniors to conduct online events, managing budgeted funds to purchase cloud services and developer accounts.

Atos Intern
January '15 -July '15

• Incremental in realizing cloud based IoT solutions and was directly managed by the Chief Technology Officer, India.

• Developed a Qt-Embedded application on the BeagleBoneBlack for pushing statuses of various manufacturing quality checks a truck engine undergoes along its production pipeline on the Atos Cloud platform for MAN SE.

• Developed a remote device monitoring solution to pull sensor and status values from development boards and their associated sensors using open source components such as Leshan and Waakama (Eclipse Foundation).

• Developed a MQTT based remote appliance control solution as a proof of concept for Electrolux.

• Implemented automated fuel purchase acknowledgements via SMS for a subset of Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) gas stations across India.

Computer Society of India, Mumbai Chapter Senior Technical Officer
July'14 - June '15

• Developed applications that aid in the organization of technical events (see Projects) for the society and was the instructor for workshops on “Introduction to .NET with C#” and “Wordpress” and will also be the instructor for a certified workshop on PHP in collaboration with IIT-Bombay in the coming semester.

• Developed and managed an online event “Virtual Stock Market 2014” which had over 350 participants.

Dorabji Tata Trust Scholarship for Academic Excellence
For Academic Year 2014-2015
Technical Assistance Committee (TAC) for Praxis ’14 Module Head
May '14-August '14

• Built the website for Praxis 2014, VESIT’s technical festival and was responsible for handling JavaScript form validations, event coupon generation, email verification and building 2014’s edition of the “Online Treasure Hunt” and devised a ranking algorithm for the same.

• Ideated and implemented a new online game called “League of Nations”.

Citizens Association for Child Rights(CACR)Student Volunteer
July'13 - June '14

• I was a part of the team that collaborated with the “CACR” and the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai (IIT-B) to help under-privileged school kids become computer literate. I chose to volunteer for the program as I believe every individual should have equitable access to basic computer education which is indispensable in the digital era we live in today. As I taught the kids aged between eight and twelve at the “Chembur Naka Municipal School”, I could see them beam with joy even when we taught them something as simple as changing the font size and color in LibreOffice Writer.

Computer Society of India, Mumbai ChapterJunior Technical Officer
July'13 - June '14

• Conducted a workshop on “Ethical Hacking”, which involved introducing the attendees to common attacks like brute-forcing, DDOS attacks and Phishing and demonstrating basic Windows hacks and preliminary Steganography.

• Developed a CD menu with capabilities of installing applications with prerequisite checks such as checking for WinRAR (to unzip installation files) using batch scripts.(see Projects for additional developments)

Social Responsibility Team(SoRT), V.E.S.I.TDepartment In-charge
July'13 - June '14

• Created and wrote content for spreading awareness about NGOs SoRT supports.

• Ideated and built a creative donation kiosk for fund collection and helped organize the SoRT week which aims at helping NGOs in Mumbai to sell products made by them

Winner, Aviation Day Aeromodel Display ContestIndian Women's Pilot Association(IWPA)
October, 2010